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Atticus essays

Atticus essays Atticus, a deeply moving novel by Ron Hansen, opens in winter on the high plains of Colorado to the tropics of Mexico, as well as from the realm of whodunit detective mystery to the larger realm of the Mystery, which has its own heartbreaking, calming, and redemptive logic. Misunderstanding, dissolute, prodigal, wayward, wastrel, alias, and subornment are only a few words that tell the powerful story of Atticus. The case was labeled as a suicide. The body was identified as forty-year-old Scott William Cody, a blue-eyed white male. The plot of the book takes three sharp turns. It begins as a conventional novel about the relationship between a father and his troubled adult son. After one character dies, it zigs into a murder mystery, and by the end has zagged into something entirely different, a parable, let's say, in which characters find redemption. Atticus Cody, Colorado cattle rancher turned oilman, appears at first to be a remote and judgmental dad, but as we observe the g entle, persistent concern he shows for his wayward son Scott, we discover nothing less than the ideal dad. Scott's testing of his father's love goes way beyond normal bounds: his alcoholism and general irresponsibility actually cause the deaths of several other characters. Scott's peregrinations take Atticus from his home in Colorado to the slums and bohemian underworld of a Mexican town. There, Atticus confronts a seamy and labyrinthine corruption that tries to separate him from the love of his son. Atticus, the Father, won't let go, and that's the point. In my humble opinion, the message of the book is that an ultimately moving meditation on the ineffable, unmatchable love between a parent and a child should always be a close bond, because you might not have a second chance for reconciliation. Atticus Cody receives a surprise Christmas visit from Scott, his estranged son who has been leading the life of a wastrel expatriate in Mexico. The frictio...

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Gender and Sexual Studies - Women and War Research Paper

Gender and Sexual Studies - Women and War - Research Paper Example Women and War The supposed structural adjustment policies (SAP) of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is still wreaking havoc on women living in less developed countries. Labor oppression of poor women, heterosexist bureaucracy, environmental ruin, and militarization all raise weighty issues for feminist movements today.2 Although feminist movements all over the world have been diversely triumphant, we become heir to several issues women of the earlier periods confronted. However, there are new issues as well as we try to understand a world permanently blemished by the unsuccessful attempt of communist and postcolonial capitalist societies to meet the economic, social, religious, and psychological demands of most of the world’s people. Globalization has increasingly become representative of the motives and goals of the free market and companies rather than autonomy and liberty from economic, cultural, and political subjugation for all the inhabitants of t he world.3 There are several of the issues tackled in ‘women and war’. ... interventions into the Western-dominated discipline, while at the same time emphasizing the effort that can and has to be carried out to visualize and promote cross-cultural feminist unity. The topic ‘women and war’ is a key representation of the ties between mobilizing, deliberation, and analysis and the actualization of feminist unity promoted by such topic. Drawing on diverse readings and documents, the discussion has introduced a general, compelling, critical analysis of global gendered militarism, emphasizing women’s opposition to it. Furthermore, this discussion is a testimony to the flexibility, ingenuity, and profoundly critical resistance by women on the different ‘vanguards’ formed by wars across the globe. Drawing on a combination of published sources and histories, ‘women and war’ discusses the gendered intricacies underlying the public debates that came with, and still come with, the supposed global gendered militarization. W hether we are discussing the involvement of women in warfare as components of the military or as laborers on the territory, or whether we are discussing several of the emerging sexual liberties that appeared to come with the extensive marshalling of the population, this form of sweeping disruption of daily social life could always have an effect on customary concepts of gender. The dilemma, in many private and public domains, was to make sure, as much as possible, that the long-established gender structure must not be disrupted. In our interesting discussion of ‘women and war, several processes by which efforts were exerted to realize such objectives were included. The notion of nationalistic femininity aimed to unite with the different ways within which women were organized into warfare without destabilizing prevalent

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Slavery in the ancient times Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Slavery in the ancient times - Term Paper Example He was one of the three sons of Noah, and he just happened to see his father drunk and naked. When Noah realized what had happened he cursed Ham and his descendants. This is recorded in Genesis 9:18. The Bible tells how the sons of Noah spread out in what is now the Middle East, and founded the modern peoples that we know today. As a result of this curse, Ham was forever regarded as being inferior to his two brothers, and this curse was passed on to future generations: â€Å"God shall enlarge Japheth and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.† (Genesis, 9:27, King James Version of the Bible). There is no mention of the color of anyone’s skin in this story, but when Jewish scholars taught the scriptures, they tended to add meanings to the basic narrative, increasingly linking the descendants of Shem with Jews (Semites) and early Arabs in the area to the East, the descendants of Japheth with Europeans to the north and west, and the descendan ts of Ham with Africans to the south and west. Unfortunately there was some confusion about the meaning of some words in the passing down of these stories, and Goldenberg reports that the word Ham became associated with the the word for the color black.

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OpenStack Introduction and Uses

OpenStack Introduction and Uses OpenStack: It is an open-source programming stage for distributed computing, generally sent as a framework and as an administration. The product stage comprises of interrelated segments that control various multi-seller equipments, stockpiling and system administration assets all through a server base. Amazon Web Service: It is a protected cloud administration stage which offers figure control, database stockpiling, content conveyance and many other uses to help organization scale so that they can develop and investigate how a large number of clients are as of now utilizing AWS cloud items and can find answers for construct modern applications with expanded adaptability, versatility and unwavering quality. OpenStack In Cloud: OpenStack falls into the last classification and is viewed as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The framework implies that OpenStack makes it simple for clients to rapidly include new case, whereas other cloud parts can run on their own. Regularly, the foundation stands first and then runs a stage where an engineer can make programming applications which are conveyed to the end clients, the end client can pick either of the one whereas to utilize the reference executions for each venture or track particular usage for each one of the process. The guarantee of OpenStack is the interoperability among various segments from various sellers or open source projects. It has self-benefit case life cycle administration with the goal that it can do whatever it needs to be done say run,reboot,suspend,resize or end the instances when needed. AWS In Cloud: Amazon Web Service is the one which is most popular all around the world where it manages and maintains the complete infrastructure in the cloud, so as far as business is concerned they are not in need of acquiring any servers or other infrastructure stuffs well in advance instead they can get tons of servers in minutes whereas they can complete the entire project within the deadline in a less budget. AWS are mostly used in Pinterest,Netflix and various other big shot companies and small companies as well. AWS isnt only for the Dropboxes and Reddits, however they can have a few servers on AWS   productively as well. We as of now have been utilizing AWS to have the web backend for a venture web application. AWS has manufactured a world class, exceptionally secure framework, both physically and over the web where server areas are staffed 24-7 via prepared security watches. Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) empower to turn up clones in numerous districts for various situation s in couple of minutes, disposing are in need to rehash the set-up steps unfailingly. Components In OpenStack: OpenStack is a cloud working framework controls wide pools of compute,storage and systems administration assets throught a datacenter where all are monitored through a dashboard that gives heads control while engaging their clients to an arrangement assets through a web interface. The components play a vital role in this process where it is been explained below: Nova: It is utilized for sending and overseeing wide quantities of virtual machines and different occurrences to deal with processing techniques. Swift: It is a capacity framework for articles and records where it permits the framework to stress over how best to ensure that information is moved down if any problem arises with the machines. Cinder: It is a piece stockpiling   part, which is more closely resembling the customary idea of a PC having the capacity to get to particular areas on a drive. Neutron: It guarantees that each of the parts in the OpenStack which it communicates can speak with each other rapidly and productively. Horizon: It is the dashboard behind OpenStack where it provides administrators a view at what is happening in the cloud, and to look over it when required. Keystone: It provides different kinds of access to various process so that the developers can easily track the current clients strategies against keystone. Glance: It gives picture administrations to OpenStack and permits these pictures to be utilized as formats while conveying new virtual machine examples. Components In AWS: It gives on-request figuring assets and administrations in the cloud, with pay-as-you-go estimation. For instance, we can run a server on AWS that we can sign in to where we can arrange, secure, and run similarly as we have a server that is sitting before the developer. There are many types of Amazon Web Service components where some of them are listed below: Elastic Cloud Computing: It offers preconfigured Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), or clients can make their own pictures.The user will decide when to begin and when to end, and then screen the same number of examples as they need, contingent upon workloads. Simple Storage System: It is a basic web administrations interface that can be utilized to store and recover any measure of information, whenever, from anyplace on the web. Elastic Block Storage: It gives piece level stockpiling volumes to EC2 occurrences where EBS volumes are exceedingly accessible and solid stockpiling volumes that can be joined to any running occasion that is in a similar Availability Zone. SimpleDB: A non-social database cloud benefit that can be utilized to store and question the informations by means of web administrations where simpleDB is suited more for less unpredictable database situations where clients need to rapidly gaze upward and get to information in non-social databases. Simple Queue Service: It is a message lining administration that permits clients to start with essential APIs like CreateQueue,SendMessage,ReceiveMessage, ChangeMessageVisibility and DeleteMessage to peruse and compose a immense amount of messages. CloudWatch: It empowers constant observing of AWS assets where the application consequently gives measurements to CPU use, inertness so clients can likewise stipulate extra measurements to be monitored, such as memory use, exchange volumes or even mistake rates. AWS Management Console: It is a program based graphical user interface where through the reassure clients it can deal with their distributed computing, distributed storage and different assets running on the Amazon Web Services framework. References: Link 1: Link 2:

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Communication Studies Introduction

Introduction Theme: The Generation Gap Research Question: How has the generation gap affected the current generation and caused a negative change in society’s values? According to http://www. investopedia. com, the generation gap refers to the differences found between members of different generations. More specifically, it is used to describe the differences in actions, beliefs and tastes between the younger generations in comparison to the older generations. Within Trinidad and Tobago, factors of the generation gap are quite evident in society.Several norms, mores and values established by the previous generations have been undermined and obviated by the current generation, the generation gap is also prevalent in today’s music, fashion and the way we speak. As such, it has been observed that the delicate structure and order of society which has enforced proper ethics and morals amongst its citizens has begun to deteriorate, given way to a more chaotic and immoral gene ration. It is a fact of life that the generation gap â€Å"is something that has existed and will continue to exist as long as man resides on this earth.It is not restricted to certain parts of the world, to certain times of human history or to certain cultures. That is why this â€Å"clash† is a fact of a life accepted by all generations, all over the world and through all time. This topic will help me investigate the reasons why the differences of generation gap have widened greatly in the 20th and 21st centuries and how it has contributed to the negative change in society. I am going to use an argumentative essay in my reflective piece as I think it best suits the theme of my project.In the essay, I’ll look at the points which support my topic while still touching on the benefits of the generation gap. These points will then be explained in greater detail in my oral exposition so that persons would have a better understanding of the chosen topic. The theme synchron izes with my interests in pursuing my sociological career path and information acquired from this project would also help with improving my student- teacher relationship and my relationship with my parents and come to better compromises as I will now better understand the older generation’s differences and point of views on current trends.

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Balancing Power

In today’s economic condition, work life equilibrium is considered one of the most imperative workplace issues. Work life balance refers to a satisfactory niche between many different roles in an individual’s life. But how to manage this balance to avoid conflict; this topic is discussed through many different aspects enlightened through personal experience. Work Life Balance Before taking any step towards knowing how to achieve work life balance, first we must gain an understanding about what work life balance actually refers to.It is about maintaining equilibrium between work and personal life, facing the multifarious demands in one’s life. The best equilibrium is different for each person because we all have different priorities in life. A young entrepreneur faces different challenges than a family man at the apex of his career. Work life balance involves two factors; Achievement and Enjoyment. Our life will be valuable and balanced when, in all the aspects of life, we are daily achieving success with all the joys of living! My Side of StoryBeing a young student struggling to manage good grades, working part time to support my education during this era of recession as well trying to give my family sufficient of my time as required, at many times I felt the misbalance in my life that is called work-life conflict. I felt unable to manage my time and was highly dissatisfied with my work and progress. Failing health and self esteem and disrupted routine was then a common state of affairs. I was new, hence obsessed with working hard to carve a niche for my career.In order to secure my grades I became overcommitted to my studies as well. I ended up drained every day, spending most of the time on the run†¦ from study to work, work to home and spending rest of the time sitting on computer. All I had once read and heard about work life complications was coming true in my life without my realizing it. It was not until when my parents had to h ave a ‘serious talk’ with me, that I realized where this chaos was leading me to. That instantly snapped me back; I set off to work on improving my standards. The informationIn order to balance one’s work life situation, you may need to look into four quadrants of your life- Friends, Family, Work and Self. Any disturbance in one of them because of the interference of another quadrant may cause work life conflict. Work life conflict must be removed in order to solve the problem and acquire balance. This information regarding the causes can be obtained by observation of daily life experiences and authentic researches conducted. According to the Business Week reports, Individuals who consider their work life balance better than others are likely to work 21% better than those who don’t.Moreover, a study shows people encounter work life conflict have 40% more chances of mood and anxiety disorders, (Kane, 2006); While employees having lower level of this conflic t experience increased job satisfaction. The Evaluation After gathering basic information, now I knew what I was missing and what I got to do. I loved my job, but without my natural energy boosters, I was unhappy and even feeling a bit guilty. My whole time revolved around my work and career, but I couldn’t make up for the very essential part of my life, that is my friends and family.From my newly gained knowledge, I deduced that a balanced approach at my level will be spending quality time with my friends and family that will have a positive physical and psychological impact on me. Moreover, I’ll be free of piled up responsibilities, procrastinated duties, and burden on my mental self, which will eventually also improve my progress in other quadrants of my life. I had to use it to devise such solutions that cancel out where I overdo, and give more space to those I neglected so a balance can be created. The SolutionAs I was already a student I opted for the greatest fa cility available today for work life balance concerned employees- Flexible timings, so that I can have more sense of control over my work. Dinner and meals would at no cost be skipped- they provide a quality time for whole family to be together. Also, sleeping schedules must be maintained, so there remain no health problems. Being present is the key word. No drifting away and being in two places at a time. On weekend there would be no computer, no emails, and no emergency calls from work!I could spend quality time with my family. I could contact my friends, go out and have some fun. Lastly, to spend some of my time on myself; a time to relax or do what pleases me. It’s a kind of meditation, hence keeps your mind calm and alert. Giving my study ample time and not burdening myself with more work than I could manage, was also essential. Conclusion The set of habits I formed as a solution for my work life problem, not only supports but emphasizes a sound balance between work and life activities.Back then I couldn’t see past my work; it still plays a principle part in my life, though it’s not my one and only concern anymore. This equilibrium I discovered open my eyes to worth of other things, that made not only my work, but my life much more gratifying. References Kane, S. (2006). Work Life Balance Strategies. Retrieved July 20, 2009 from http://legalcareers. about. com/od/careertrends/a/worklifebalance. htm Work-Life Balance. (2003). Work-Life Balance Defined- What it really means! Retrieved July 20, 2009 from http://www. worklifebalance. com/worklifebalancedefined. html

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Marketing Questions - 1574 Words

C4. _____ is managing profitable customer relationships. a. Management b. Control c. Marketing d. Human Resources D5. The two fold goal of marketing is to attract new customers by promising superior value and to _____. a. keep and grow current customers by delivering satisfaction b. keep and grow current customers by delivering competitive pricing c. keep and grow current customers by delivering friendly service d. all of the above C6. Marketing is more than _____ and advertising. a. distribution b. promotion c. selling d. customer service A7. Today, marketing must be understood in terms of making a sale and _____. a. satisfying customer needs b. understanding customer value c. customers’ self†¦show more content†¦Your firm has just developed its first successful MIS. It interacts with information users to assess information needs, develop needed information, _____ the marketing information, and help managers use it in their decision making. a. distribute b. collect c. retrieve d. store C4. Your marketing department is attempting to improve strategic decision making, assess and track competitors’ actions, and provide early warning of opportunities and threats. Your department would do well to use _____. a. internal databases b. external databases c. marketing intelligence d. the Internet D6. The objective of _____ research is to gather preliminary information that will help define the problem and suggest hypotheses. a. descriptive b. exploratory c. causal d. current C7. You are to the point of testing hypotheses about decreasing sales in certain markets and their causes. You are involved in what type of research? a. exploratory b. descriptive c. causal d. market B9. Primary data must be relevant, current, unbiased, and _____. a. complete b. accurate c. inexpensive d. collected before secondary data A10. This method of research can obtain information that people are unwilling or unable to provide. a. observation b. focus groups c. personal interviews d. fax surveys D1. _____ is never simple, yet understanding it is the essential task of marketing management. a. Brand personality b. ConsumptionShow MoreRelatedMarketing and Question1102 Words   |  5 PagesQuestion 1 List and briefly explain the external or macro-environmental forces indicating how each element can affect the ability of the organisation to compete in the market. External Environment (Chapter 3) Question 2 Differentiate between the core product, the actual product, and the augmented product as these concepts apply in the motorcar industry. Product (Chapter 8) Question 3 Draw a product life cycle diagram showing the sales and the profit changes that occur over a typicalRead Moremarketing questions13877 Words   |  56 Pagesanswers the question.    ____  Ã‚  Ã‚   1.  Ã‚   An interactive, flexible information system that enables managers to obtain and manipulate information as they are making decisions is called a: a. single-source system b. marketing information system c. primary data system d. marketing decision support system e. database marketing system       ____  Ã‚  Ã‚   2.  Ã‚   The function of _____ is to address what if questions. It entails planning, collecting, and analyzing data relevant to marketing decision makingRead MoreQuestions on Marketing1536 Words   |  7 Pagessegmenting markets. Give examples of how these benefits may be realize. The market develops from mass marketing and product-variety marketing to target marketing. In mass marketing, the seller mass produces, mass distributes and mass promotes one product to all buyers. At one time, Sony product only one type of television for the whole market, thus create hard selling. Product-variety marketing, the seller produces two or more products that have different features, styles, quality, sizes and so onRead MoreQuestions On The Marketing Strategy1021 Words   |  5 Pagesimportant to for lululemon athletica inc. to address in order to improve their stand in the market. Marketing A major issue with Lululemon Athletica Inc. is their marketing strategy. Currently, they are following a marketing strategy similar to word-of-mouth, focusing solely on a few key players to help get lululemon out there (Marketing, BUS 340). This stems from various grassroots, community-based marketing efforts and the use of social media. The main sources come from two key people that work directlyRead MoreMarketing: Study Questions6268 Words   |  26 PagesModule 1 Study Quiz 1. Marketing is: a) About invention of new markets, new products and new services b) About the invention of new ways of distributing and reaching customers c) About researching, finding, understanding and making new markets d) About creating and changing market processes that change markets e) All of the above 2. A responsibility of marketers is to sell new products and ideas to decision-makers in their organization. a) Yes b) No 3. The focus of companies needs to be on winning:Read MoreMarketing Question Bank16868 Words   |  68 Pages___________________________________________________________________________ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Marketing is basically selling and advertising. True False According to the text, marketing means selling or advertising. True False Marketing, in the literal sense, means selling or advertising. True False Marketing means promotion and selling. True False Actually making goods or performing services is called marketing. True False Estimating what price consumers are willing to pay for a product and if theRead MoreQuestions On The Marketing Strategy1246 Words   |  5 PagesProject MKTG 205 – Principles of Marketing 9/3/16 Abstract This paper will discuss certain aspects of Apple IPhone. It will also talk about the promotional decisions based on the marketing strategies. â€Æ' Marketing Introduction This paper will discuss certain aspects of Apple IPhone. We will also talk about the promotional decisions based on the marketing strategies. We will specially discuss; definition of marketing, introduction of product, situation analysis, marketing strategy, pricing strategyRead MoreQuestions On The Marketing Definition Of Product851 Words   |  4 PagesActivity #12 - Questions 1. Review the marketing definition of product. Why do you think marketers define product so broadly? How does the definition of product affect quality? I looked at the definition of product and it is very short and boring. I think it is defined this way because so many people have their own meaning of the term and how it works. I think it affects the quality a great deal. If the definition is not intriguing to viewers and customers it does not draw people in. 2. List fiveRead MoreQuestions On Choosing Content Marketing Essay1140 Words   |  5 PagesAlternate Titles 1. Why You Need to Include Content Marketing in Your 2017 Budget 2. If Your 2017 Budget Omits Content Marketing, Revise It The marketing world is constantly evolving. A century ago, there were few options for spending your marketing dollars. Then came radio, followed by television, followed by the internet. The internet may have been the greatest game-changer in the history of marketing, leveling the playing field so that small businesses and entrepreneurs could compete with majorRead MoreMarketing Communication (Question and Answer)3733 Words   |  15 PagesQuestion 1 a) Examine and review critically the four areas of marketing communication. Provide examples where necessary. (10 marks) b) Explain in detail the basic pricing strategies. Give examples to support your answers. (10 marks) Question 2 Identify and describe the most often used sources of differentiation. Give examples to support your answers. (20 marks) Question 3 Ursula is a marketing manager for a bathroom tile company. She is trying to figure out if her firm needs